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Tales From the Heart and Other Organs— Podcast

Submission Guidelines

BioTeenFiction is a young adult short fiction podcast, open to stories up to 1,500 words in length. We welcome writers of every age, background, religious, culture, nationality, sex, and gender. The more diverse, the better, as we should all see ourselves represented.


What we want: original short fiction of about 1,000 words (800 minimum /maximum 1500 words), written in English, of every genre, for the young adult audience (think 12-18). Each story must contain a line or two about biology or medical elements/terms weaved in the story (i.e. must refer to a specific organ/limb or medical condition). It doesn't have to be technical. Just check our released stories (audio/transcript here to get an idea). Best example: PFO-ed.

Need a prompt? Send us an email, we'll give you one.


*If you have a previously published story that perfectly fits our podcast, send it to us, we may want to publish it.


Payment. We offer a $10 Amazon gift card (or 1 cent a word, in Amazon gift card form, whichever is higher) for each published story in exchange for first world electronic rights (stories published/ narrated on our podcast, website, and social media accounts) and the right to archive the work on our podcast/website to keep it available to our listeners/readers. You keep the rights to your story/stories.

Where to Submit

Send your query at bioteenfiction @

Under the "subject" of the email, write "submission", followed by the TITLE OF YOUR STORY. [i.e.  Submission, THE PROM CLOWN]. In your email, give us your name (or the name under which you wish to be published), the title of your story, one line telling us what it's about (plot and biomed element mentioned), and the word count. Then, paste your entire story in the body of the email (we will not open attachment* or click on a google doc link). 

Example of email:

Hello, My name is Ron BeepBoop. I would like to submit my 1480-word story, THE PROM CLOWN, for consideration. It's about a clown who learns to dance with his giant clown shoes (he has bunions) and is elected prom king. Thanks.

*If you have an audio/mp3 file of your already-narrated story, you can attach it to the email, but we would also like the written version.

Response time.

We will reply to you as fast as we can. It may take us 1 hour or 7 days. If you haven't received an answer from us after 7 days, feel free to contact us again.