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Tales From the Heart and Other Organs— Podcast

Our ad-free podcast came to an end (not available on Apple/iTunes, etc... anymore as we're saving for college), but you can still listen to most of our popular stories here:

(the starred stories were our most popular on iTune and Apple Podcast.

PFO-ed*—a 16-year-old stroke-recovering cheerleader searches for an activity that will help her stand out on her college application (Patent Foramen Ovale, heart implant)

Racing The Ghost*—about a 14-year-old boy determined to win a nightline bike race along a haunted road (leg muscles, heat exhaustion)

Dragon Girl*—about  (hypothermia, graft)

Must Love Snow —about a med student who replies to an unusual job posting (student loans).

Annie La Grande*—about an acromegalic girl's love of the circus.

The Flutters*— (Fetus in fetu, reproductive health)




Pasteur—about a high schooler who moves to the countryside and makes an unlikely friend ( ).

Alice in Wonderland — (Alice syndrome)

The Earring

The Mine